Guide to Playing Odd Even in Soccer Betting Betting

As we already know, you will make big profits playing online football games. In online soccer gambling, there are various types of game markets that are easy to play. So that it can make the chances of winning in soccer gambling increase, depending on whether or not we put a partner.

On the topic of this article’s discussion, the admin will discuss the types of odd even ball market. This market is strange, because we only guess that the final total score of the ball game will end in odd or even numbers. Even online betting has a different odds formula than other types of markets.

Guide to Playing Odd Even in Football Betting Betting

Odd Even (odd / even) in a soccer match is an attempt that aims to guess the total goals scored for the two competing teams. Then the total goals are added together, so that the result creates the final result with the total odds or even goals. With that, we only have to guess the total goals of the two teams that end with a genp or odd score.

Here the admin will give an example, for example in the Liverpool vs Barcelona match ending with a score of 2-0, then the total result of the match is 2 + 0 = 2.Then the total goals of both teams are 2, and number 2 is an even number, then for the odd bet type the winning event is the event. And the number of goals that count is the total goals scored from normal time 2 x 45 minutes including added time. Then the goal result from overtime or penalty in the match does not count.

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