Learn How to Count and Read Online Casino Blackjack Cards

You Must Know! The method of counting cards at Online Blackjack Casino properly and correctly in order to get very satisfying and profitable results for you. Therefore, let’s just follow and pay attention to the reviews below.

Do you understand what Edward O. Thorp looks like? If you are someone who loves casino gambling, the main blackjack gambling game must understand him. Edward was the first person who successfully improved the counting card technique that is so often heard in the world, especially since the casino is so famous that it doesn’t like this method even though it is legal.

Card counting is usually used in online blackjack casino gambling games to give players some advantages over the casino. This is in stark contrast to the well-known belief that is so growing, to be able to count cards you don’t need to be the main personality like in the movie “Rain Man”. When you start practicing card counting, you must also learn to pretend to be hidden. Anyone, let alone, can learn the method of counting cards by doing a little practice.

Understand the Online Blackjack Gambling Game

• Learn basic strategies

If you don’t pursue the basic strategy in online casino gambling, of course you want to be an efficient card counter. You can count cards, but you don’t want to win the game. Try to first identify and pursue the ins and outs of online blackjack gambling.

• Do online Blackjack Casino Gambling games well

You have to act out that kind of thing when you approach the Blackjack table and express many of the best things in a matter of seconds. We don’t need to open a novel, it doesn’t take a second to think, you can do it with one eye closed and both hands shackled behind your back.

• Adapting to the card counting concept

A universal strategy for counting cards using the Hi-Lo strategy. The big card will be given a certain value (- 1) and the low card will be given a certain value (1). When added to the total number of cards it will run. Wow .. very simple method right?

Using the Hi-Lo Strategy

• Mastering how the method works

If the big card to low card ratio is greater than normal, players can make big bets to increase the number, well, as a result the player can win when the deck position is favorable. Players will put a number in their head which will signal when they bet and how much is at stake or not at all.

• Engage in card value

In order to keep track of the big to low card ratios, you have to decide on the value of the cards so you can master whether the deck is in your favor or not. The count is unlocked from 0 and each card appears, you just need to increase it. For example, on this basis:

  • Cards 2- 6 have a value of 1
  • Cards 7- 9 have no value
  • Card 10 has a value of- 1
  • Ace cards also have a value of-1

Learn the method for getting used to betting

Counting while raising your bet is a positive expedition. Keep increasing the count until you have a lot to bet on, but you need to remember that you keep betting a lot so you might want to heat up in the casino.

• Test yourself

Quickly grab an even stack of decks and make notes. You must end in round 0 if you have counted cards accurately. This subject aims to teach deck count speed under 25 seconds. With that method, moreover, the dealer can’t catch you.

• Take in pairs

If you look at Jack and 4, your thought process shouldn’t be “- 1 and + 1 = 0”. When you look at the low cards as well as the big cards, they will undo each other.

• Get used to learn more in the various situations

Everything will look fine and ordinary if you practice the card counting method in your own home. But when you do it in a casino, of course it will be a reverse business, right? Imagine, there would be a thousand and one obstacles that existed at the same time. You should familiarize yourself with this situation before stepping into the casino.

Pursuing Other Card Counting Style Methods

• Think of another method of card counting technique

As a side note, Hi-Lo is a very well-known method because one proposition is that it creates good and simple results for understanding the game, but there are as many different varieties as possible.

• Recognizing the statistics of each variety

The statistical analysis of these numbers is well-informed and it is not a simple matter. The question is “Does the business work or not?”.

There are several things to consider:

In terms of betting ties (BC), Halves has the highest correlation. This is used to predict the atmosphere of the bet.

  1. Hi-Opt II and Omega II have the highest playing efficiency (PE). It takes into account decisions and irregularities in play.
  2. Hi-Opt II has the highest warranty correlation (IC). This tells us when are the good times to buy a warranty (because Hi-Opt II has a bonus Ace amount).


As we have observed, Hi-Lo is not mentioned. This is because the technique falls midway through the package in every aspect. Hi-Opt II has an extra number of aces and Halves just looks tedious and Omega II plays efficiency doesn’t match the bet correlation.

Stick to the “Wonging” concept or recount

It’s called “wonging in” when you avoid the betting table until it gets hot enough to get you to participate in it. When the table gets cold, you can do pretty much “wonging out”. This method is frequently tried on larger decks.

Thus in this review it overwrites the Card Counting Method at Online Blackjack Casino. Hopefully this post can help increase your knowledge in mastering the online blackjack casino gambling game. Have a nice play!

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