How to Win Lots of Money from Online Ceme Bookies

For those of you who want to make money from gambling bets, try playing ceme. This is a game that is perfect for beginners who want to try gambling and betting. Because this is the easiest and fastest game to make big money.

Ceme is a game with domino cards and the game is dealer versus player. This game can be played by up to 8 people including the dealer. Each player will be dealt 2 domino cards and the players will compete the value of their card with the dealer of the two cards that are dealt.

The game of ceme is now on the rise and is popular among mapuhs around the world. It is also proven that this is the easiest game to make money quickly. Of course, a cool and fun game is the main attraction of this game.
You can play the ceme game on trusted online poker sites, with real bets playing it anywhere with an online gadget.

How to Win Lots of Money from Online Ceme Bookies

In the ceme game, you can choose to be a dealer or a regular player. In the circuit, the dealer will be rotated to all the players who play. In the ceme game rules, players will win the bet if the card value is higher than the dealer, instead they will get double the bet if they get a value of 9 or qiu.

Meanwhile, the dealer will win if the card value is higher or equal to the player. This is the advantage of being a dealer, that is, if the scores are the same then you will win. Then because the dealer has a lot of opponents, he will win a lot if he gets a good card. So being a Bandar is the fastest way to make money.

But the drawback is that being an online ceme dealer requires a large amount of capital when compared to playing as an ordinary player. The capital is different for each class starting from 300k rupiah.

There are several steps that you must take in order to win playing as a ceme dealer, which are as follows.

Playing on Trusted Online Poker Sites

Don’t get the wrong choice of poker site that you play because ceme games are only on the official site. Official means being registered with the international online gambling community PAGCOR. Of course, having a license from PAGCOR will make the performance of the site will be professional and of international standard.

Prepare Capital

After you register at a trusted online poker site, then you are thirsty to prepare capital for a deposit. The capital is quite large, but don’t spend that amount of money because your winnings will be much greater.

Or if you don’t have that much capital, you can play as a regular player first while raising capital to become a dealer. After enough capital, immediately become a ceme dealer so you can make more money.

Do not get carried away by lust

Playing ceme is easy, but there is something that must be avoided, namely being carried away by passion in playing. You don’t want to get emotional because you have lost a few times or won several times, after winning or losing, you have to focus on the next game and move on.

Do not give up

As a beginner it is natural that you lose a few times at the beginning of the game. The key to successfully playing ceme online is not giving up. Keep playing with focus and concentration. You will get used to it and your gambling instincts will be sharp so you can easily win the game.

So many tips and steps to win a lot of money from becoming a ceme dealer. Good luck.

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